House District 75


Bruce Griffey

Family and Personal:
Rep. Griffey is married with two children and is an attorney.

He is a member of the NRA and Tennessee Firearms Association.



Rep. Bruce Griffey (R) Member, Civil Justice Committee, Civil Justice Subcommittee, Criminal Justice Committee, Criminal Justice Subcommittee, Education Instruction Committee, and Education Instruction Subcommittee.

Chairman Griffey is a grassroots favorite. He shows the kind of constitutional courage that we would like to see from every member. He sponsored and voted for strong constitutional and freedom-preserving bills, earning a 96% vote score. He did not cast a wrong vote; the four points were lost by not voting at all on several bills for unknown reasons. Chairman Griffey’s timely and relevant comments and questions in committee earned him leadership points. This is just what we like to see in our representatives; courage and tenacity. His leadership grade is A+.

Chairman Griffey accrued points for sponsoring three bills chosen by TLRC:

SB318/HB18 – Hensley/Griffey – Real Constitutional Carry. This bill would be totally compliant with the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution (placed behind the budget in the house and deferred in the senate).

SB902/HB0801 – Stevens/Griffey– Would require employers of six or more to utilize an e-verification program in hiring and removes immunity for an employer’s reliance on other forms of verification (failed in s/c Banking & Consumer Affairs Subcommittee of Commerce Committee).

This bill resulted in a lot of drama as described in the following media stories

SB1216/HB0800 – Niceley/Griffey – This bill would have prohibited material that promotes or normalizes LGBTQ lifestyles from being taught in elementary grades as age-inappropriate (house Education Instruction Committee recommended for passing; referred to Finance, Ways, and Means Committee but not acted upon further. No action in Senate).

Chairman Griffey co-sponsored thirteen of our favored bills:

SR0023 – Rudd – Resolution creating a bi-cameral panel to research the recall of Judge Ellen Hobbs Lyle (failed in House Civil Justice subcommittee).

A media story on the subject:
House Subcommittee’s Orchestrated Actions ‘Emboldened and Protected’ an Activist Judiciary That Changed Absentee Voting Law – Tennessee Star

SB0187/HB0013 – Bowling/Hulsey – Prohibits forced vaccines within state and local government entities. It does not prohibit private business from requiring vaccines for employment (passed with weakening amendments).

SB0230/HB0016 – Hensley/Cepicky – Teacher’s discipline freedom, creating a path for the removal of unruly student (passed).

SB0350/HB0506 – Bailey/Williams – Creates a Solicitor General office to defend against non-constitutional federal laws, policies, and violations of the 10th amendment (deferred in Senate Judiciary Committee to 2022).

SB0451/HB0881 – Bell/Terry – Increases penalties for rioters from out of state (“Aggravated” rioter) (passed).

SB0623/HB0580 – Bell/Ragan – The teaching of Critical Race Theory is prohibited in TN public schools (passed).

SB0657/HB0578 – Bowling/Ragan – No sex change allowed for prepubescent minors (deferred to 2022 in House Health committee).

SB0769/HB0782 – Johnson/Lamberth – Common Core material is prohibited in public school curriculum (passed).

SB843/HB513- Rose/Gant – Increased penalties for various lawless activities when protesting/rioting (deferred to Summer Study). Passed in house. Rose sent to Summer Study.

SB1313/HB1421 – Hensley/Grills – Would have prohibited schools from requiring students be vaccinated for COVED 19 (taken off-notice. Party-line votes).

SB1335/HB0928 – Hensley/S. Campbell – 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Act: voids for Tennessee any federal laws or policies that violate the 2nd Amendment (passed with amendment that weakens).

SB1593/HB1120 – Hall/Bailey – Requires review of Presidential Executive orders. If found unconstitutional, Tennessee declares exemption on that basis. (Passed in the house and never taken up in the senate).

SJR2 – Kelsey – Puts Right-to-Work into our Tennessee constitution, making it much more difficult to rescind (passed).

TLRC observers have been disappointed with the way Griffey has been treated. The “folks” like his bills, his comments, and his questions, but it seems that some of his fellow members do not. We are told that he is disrespectful of the traditional process; we don’t see that. TLRC volunteers have watched hours and hours of videos and have not once seen Chairman Griffey as anything but calm and respectful, even when he is being procedurally abused.

Here are some examples of Griffey’s twenty-seven sponsored bills (only one non-local bill was passed):
• HB0018 – Creates exceptions to the offense of open or concealed carrying of a firearm with the intent to go armed for any person legally in possession and not prohibited from possessing a firearm. Converts existing defenses to be exceptions.
• HB0019 – Classifies a money transmission originating in this state to a location outside of the United States or its territories as a service transaction subject to the sales and use tax (this addresses the billions sent out of the US by illegal immigrants).
• HB0020 – Lowers, from $500,000 to $250,000, the amount of the required capital investment to be made by a business engaged in an enterprise located in a tier 3 or tier 4 enhancement (economically distressed) county.
• HB0021 – Requires this state to refuse to consent to receive any refugees for purposes of resettlement. Requires each local government within this state to refuse to consent to receive any refugees for purposes of resettlement unless resettlement within its jurisdiction is approved by a certain process.
• HB0045 – Creates a rural relocation tax credit for certain out-of-state businesses that relocate to tier 3 and tier 4 enhancement (economically distressed) counties with a population less than 50,000 that can be applied against the business’s franchise and excise tax liability.
• HB0800 – Prohibits the state textbook and instructional materials quality commission from recommending or listing, the state board of education from approving for local adoption or from granting a waiver for, and LEAs and public charter schools from adopting or using textbooks and instructional materials or supplemental instructional materials that promote, normalize, support, or address lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender issues or lifestyles.
• HB0801 – requires certain employers to utilize an e-verification program in hiring, removes immunity for an employer’s reliance on other forms of verification and makes other related changes.
• HB0859 – prohibits social media platforms from including in their contracts provisions that limit, authorize the limitation of, or censor political or religious speech.
• HB1276 – enacts the “Tennessee Election Integrity Act,” which requires that absentee ballots, other than ballots authorized by state or federal law to be delivered electronically to qualified voters who are entitled to vote by absentee ballot, and include a watermark approved by the coordinator of elections. It also requires a counting board official to verify that the absentee ballots contain the watermark and reject any ballot that does not bear the watermark. This was the only non-local bill of Griffey’s that passed!

TLRC and the grassroots patriots with whom we communicate would like to see Chairman Griffey return to the General Assembly in 2023 and into the future. We fear his treatment will discourage that, and we pray that his colleagues will change their hearts and minds and embrace this good man. Now is not the time for egos and sensitivities; now is the time for courage and boldness! Griffey is a constitutional freedom-fighter and we want him on our team!


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