Senate District 23

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Family and Personal:
Sen. Johnson is married with three children and is a small business owner.

He is a member of the State Capitol Commission, Williamson County Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business, National Rifle Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and Williamson County Republican Party Chairman’s Circle.

Councils and Boards:
He serves as chair of the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee and is also on the Advisory Board of the David House Child Advocacy Center.



Senator Jack Johnson (R): District 23, Senate Majority Leader. Leader Johnson is difficult to evaluate given his role as Majority Leader. He has the responsibility of sponsoring most of the Governor’s bills and probably many other responsibilities that could blur his true and independent tendencies. That said, he must act on his conscience; going along to get along is unacceptable.

Senator Johnson did not distinguish himself as well as a leader could.  His vote score of *62% places him in the 24th  place  in a senate of 33. His 23 merits toward leadership put him in the middle of the pack with a C.

*This is a correction; a vote was overlooked.

Here are some of the bills he supported:

  • SB0136 – “The Crown Act” protecting ethnic hairstyles in the work place.
  • SB1005 – A campaign reform bill that makes defeating incumbents even more difficult by discouraging small donors
  • SB2395 – Which would make June 19th another legal Tennessee holiday; “Juneteenth”
  • SB2890 – Provides an 80% tax break to the Cincinnati Reds for their farm team in Chattanooga
  • SB2901 – Provides $500,000,000 to the Tennessee Titans for a new stadium
  • SB8002 – Provides $678,218,300 to the Ford Motor Company in support of a mega site for electric vehicle manufacture

The following link will take you to a video that reveals the actual course and end result of Senator Johnson’s commitment on the half-billion dollar Titan’s handout (SB2901):


Corporate welfare in all forms should be opposed. Our state government should not be giving economic advantages to any public or private for-profit entities. Let the free market pick the winners and losers.

We are proud that Tennessee has a great balance sheet, but that money is coming from hard-working Tennesseans who are now having to pay 10-20% more for all their essentials. The “tax-cut” included in the budget (a 4% sales tax exemption on food for August only) is an insult. Our large surpluses, above and beyond the rainy-day fund, should trigger a real tax cut, such as the gas tax. Give back to the people, not the elites.

If we want more jobs for Tennesseans, we do not have to give them the peoples’ money. All we have to do is educate our youth instead of indoctrinating them. A well-educated workforce would be unique in America and all businesses would want to be here in the right-to-work, no state income tax state of Tennessee!

As a leader, we feel Senator Johnson could do much more to represent his constituents and all of the ordinary citizens of Tennessee as opposed to special interests, the monied, and the well-connected.

Many of our elected leaders forget for whom they are working.


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