Senate District 31

Senator Kelsey: (R) 1st Vice-Chair, Senate Education Committee, 2nd Vice-Chair, Senate Rules Committee, Member, Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committee, and Senate State & Local Government Committee. Senator Kelsey sponsored one bill that was recommended by TLRC: SB0196 that would have made various changes to the Right to Earn a Living Act, requiring regulations and statutes to be demonstrably necessary and fulfilling legitimate public health or safety objectives, and allowing persons to petition, bringing civil actions when such standard is not met. The senate was never required to vote on it; it was taken off-notice in House F,W, & M. Senator Kelsey co-sponsored 2 additional TLRC-recommended bills. We are not aware of any other great acts of leadership for which we can credit the good senator so he remains in the middle of the pack. His vote score is respectable but not commendable. There is room for improvement. We would like to work with Senator Kelsey to get better results for all in the future.
Brian Kelsey

Brian Kelsey

Sen. Kelsey is an attorney and a former adjunct law professor at the University of Memphis. He serves as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He is a member of the Republican National Lawyers Association, Christian Legal Society, Shelby County Republican Party, Governor’s Task Force on Sentencing & Recidivism, and the Tennessee Holocaust Commission. He is an usher at the Second Presbyterian Church and a board member of the Federalist Society of the Memphis Lawyers Chapter.



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HB1280/SB1428 - Applies for a TNCare block grant in order to self-administer healthcare in Tennessee. T. Hill/Bailey

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HB1364/SB1166 - Strengthens current law concerning Female Genital Mutilation Weaver/Hensley

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