Senate District 28

Joey Hensley

Joey Hensley

Family and Personal:
Sen. Hensley has two children and is a physician.

He is a member of the Tennessee Academy of Family Physicians, American Medical Association, Tennessee Medical Association, Lewis County School Board, Lewis County Commission, Lewis County Medical Examiner, Lewis County Health Council, Lewis County Education Foundation, Lewis County Chamber of Commerce, and the Lewis County Youth Council. He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians.



Senator Joey Hensley (R), District 28, has served in the General Assembly since 2003. He served in the house from ’03 through ’14 and then in the senate from ’15 until present. His vote score of 93% places him #3 in the 33 member senate. His Leadership grade of A+ places him at the top. Many citizens think there should be term limits, and had that been the case, we would not have had the pleasure of knowing Senator Henley and benefitted from his principled service.

Senator Hensley sponsored five of the bills TLRC recommended for passing which earned him an A+ Leadership grade. Leadership grades are based on courageous acts, sponsorship of ambitious bills, amendments, and other meritorious or deleterious actions.

Some of the bills Senator Hensley sponsored:

Senator Hensley co-sponsored many more bills of which we think voters would approve. Like the majority of senators, he lost points on two corporate welfare bills:

  • HB2609/SB2890, giving an 80% tax break to the Cincinnati Reds for their farm team in Chattanooga
  • HB8002/SB8002 Provides $678,218,300 of taxpayer money for Ford to build an electric vehicle plant in W. TN

To his credit, Senator Hensley voted to take out of the budget another corporate welfare bill:

  • HB2886/SB2901 Provides $500M for Titans to build new stadium

Corporate welfare in all forms should be opposed. Our state government should not be giving economic advantages to any public or private for-profit entities. Let the free market pick winners and losers.

Historically, Senator Hensley has been a leader for good education reforms. If we had the education system that we should have, corporate welfare would not be necessary to lure jobs to Tennessee. A well-educated workforce would be unique in this country and every growing business in America and beyond would want to be here in Tennessee, a right-to-work, no income tax state.

Our thanks to Senator Hensley and may Tennessee continue to enjoy his service.



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