House District 91


London Lamar

She is a member of the Young Democrats of America, New Leaders Council Nashville, Emerge Tennessee, April 4th Foundation, Tennessee Democratic Party, NOBLE Women, and National Black Caucus of State Legislators.

Councils and Boards:
Rep. Lamar is serving as secretary of the Democratic Caucus and is president of the Tennessee Young Democrats.



London Lamar was promoted to the Senate, leaving this seat vacant.


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Related Bills

Would require Ed. debts and institutions to comply with state and federal laws and constitutions. (GA oversight)

Vote Result: Failed

Statement of Intent or Position to recognize racism as a public health threat.

Vote Result: Committee Only

Enshrines the Tennessee Right to Work Law into the Tennessee Constitution.

Vote Result: Passed

Review of Presidential Executive Orders for constitutionality and further consideration as to implementation.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

No state or local government designating of essential/non-essential businesses.

Vote Result: Passed

Prohibits private, business, or corporate money funding state and/or local elections.

Vote Result: Passed

Third restroom facility authorized for gender-conflicted.

Vote Result: Passed

Removes the Statute of Limitations for sex trafficking children.

Vote Result: Passed

Tennessee's District Attorney must disapprove emergency rule(s) that don't meet statutory requirements .

Vote Result: Passed

Prohibits interference with Textbook & Instructional Materials Quality Commission, or their decisions.

Vote Result: Passed

Creates database for approved supplimental material for teachers.

Vote Result: Passed

Limits county health officer's quarantine powers. Prohibits government requiring COVID inoculation.

Vote Result: Passed