House District 74


Jay Reedy

Family and Personal:
Rep. Reedy is married with three children. He is a cattle farmer and small business owner as well as a certified locksmith. He is also a commissioned officer with the US Army Reserve.

He is a member of the Military Officers Association of America (Ft. Campbell Chapter), NRA Certified Shooting Coach (Shotgun Sports), National Rifle Association, Middle TN Locksmith Association, and Houston County Republican Party.



Rep. Jay Reedy: Vice Chair, Government Operations Committee, Vice Chair, Joint Commerce, Labor, Transportation and Agriculture, Member, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee, Local Government Committee, and Property and Planning Subcommittee. Chairman Reedy is a strong conservative and demonstrates his commitment with a 96% vote score and a strong record of sponsorship and co-sponsorship of important bills. One of the ambitious bills he sponsored was HB0010, which would have secured one’s freedom to refuse a vaccination without ramifications, such as loss of job. The bill failed in Health Sub.

There were some members who doubted the necessity of the measure because, at the time, there were no entities requiring vaccinations. Other members were more concerned for the safety of the small minority who might be immuno-compromised than the majority who had legitimate fear associated with the vaccine, such as its lack of sufficient trials and certification, and its never-before-tried or tested DNA-altering biology. With the information we have today about adverse reactions, deaths, along with the earned distrust of the institutions pushing the vaccine (WHO, CDC, and NIAID), would there have been a less resistant committee considering the merits of the bill?

Reedy did a fair job with this bill but, in general, he could use a little work on preparation and delivery. Chairman Reedy lost points by voting for HB703, a bill that will provide a multi-million-dollar state funding grant for a proposed minor league baseball stadium for the Tennessee Smokies, a double-A team which is owned by University of Tennessee President Randy Boyd. Boyd and his wife Jenny are mega-multi-millionaires; why are Tennessee tax-payers financing his baseball enterprise?

We like the majority of his positions, support him in his office, and wish him back in the future.


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