House District 66

Rep. Sabi Kumar: In 2018: Sponsored no (0) bills scored by TLRC. Co-sponsored twelve (12) bills favored by TLRC. Voted against the Gas Tax. Eloquent and respectful speaker against the Gas Tax and for the Heartbeat Bill. Rep. Sabi "Doc" Kumar is a scholarly, conservative statesman.

Sabi Kumar

Rep. Kumar is married with one child. He is a surgeon and president of Nashville Surgical Instruments as well as Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He is vice-chair of the House Health Committee. He is a member of the Robertson County Republican Party, Fellow American College of Surgeons, Tennessee Medical Association, First United Methodist Church, Springfield, TN, and the NRA. He serves as a Sunday School teacher and is president of the Nashville Surgical Society. He is attending surgeon at NorthCrest Medical Center, Springfield. He has three U.S. Patents: Surgical Skin Staple, Method and Device for Cholangiography (Kumar clamp and catheter), Method and Device for Mesh Fixation (Kumar T-Anchors).


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