House District 59


Jason Potts

Family and Personal:
Rep. Potts is married with two children and is a general contractor.

He is a member of Haywood Neighbors, East Tusculum Neighborhood Group, Habitat for Humanity, and Tennessee Farm Bureau.



Rep. Potts followed the Democrat party line and voted against bills chosen for education reform, medical freedom, second amendment rights, fiscal responsibility, governmental transparency, election integrity, and constitutional fidelity. Rep. Potts earned a vote score of 11% and a leadership grade of F based on his sponsorships and other meritorious or deleterious actions.

Here are some of the bills Rep. Potts supported:

• HB0204/SB0136 The Crown Act- protecting ethnic hairstyles in the workplace. [Passed]
• HB1944/SB1944 porn in libraries, criminal offense Amended [Failed in S. Judiciary]
• HB2309/SB2464 Allows professional licenses for illegal immigrants in Tennessee. [Passed]
• HB2454/SB2292 Redefines “obscene” to include educational material in K-12 making it unlawful. [Passed]
• HB2886/SB2901 Provides $500M for Titans to build new stadium. [Passed]
• HB8002/SB8002 Provides $678,218,300 of taxpayer money for Ford to build an electric vehicle plant in W. TN. [Passed]

Here are some of the TLRC-endorsed bills Rep. Potts opposed:

• HB1137/SB1197 No restrictions on church activities in declared emergency. [Passed]
• HB1871/SB1982 Recognition that natural immunity is equal or superior to vaccine. [Passed]
• HB2742/SB2728 Requires public high schools to teach virtues of capitalism and constitution. [Passed]

Democrat ideas and policies do not correspond with the TN or US constitutions. They do little to advance the well-being of their constituents or the population in general. They would do well to examine the motives of those by whom they are guided.


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Related Bills

Excludes LEA's from ability to use obscenity exception

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Recognition of natural immunity

Vote Result: Passed

No restrictions on church activities in emergencies

Vote Result: Passed

Provides money for the Titans to build a new stadium

Vote Result: Passed

Requires high schools to teach the virtues of capitalism

Vote Result: Passed

Redefines "obscene" to include educational material

Vote Result: Passed

Provide taxpayer money to Ford for the construction of an electric vehicle plant

Vote Result: Passed

Allows professional licenses for illegal aliens

Vote Result: Passed

The "Crown" Act

Vote Result: Passed

Would require Ed. debts and institutions to comply with state and federal laws and constitutions. (GA oversight)

Vote Result: Failed

Enshrines the Tennessee Right to Work Law into the Tennessee Constitution.

Vote Result: Passed

No state or local government designating of essential/non-essential businesses.

Vote Result: Passed