House District 58


Harold Love Jr

Family and Personal:
Rep. Love is pastor of Lee Chapel AME.

He is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc, Prince Hall Lodge #1 F. & A.M., Hella Temple #105 Shriner, United Supreme Council of 33° Mason, NAACP, Tennessee State University Alumni Association, and Middle Tennessee Boy Scout Council.

Councils and Boards:
He is Democratic Caucus Secretary and was House Democratic Caucus Secretary for the 108th. He also serves on the boards of 18th Avenue Family Enrichment and the Tennessee State University Foundation.



Rep. Harold Love: (D) Member, Education Administration Committee, Elections and Campaign Finance Subcommittee, K-12 Subcommittee, and the Local Government Committee. He voted with TLRC on eight bills and against us on sixteen, which accounts for his 27% vote score. Rep. Love did not sponsor or co-sponsor any of the TLRC favored bills. He did co-sponsor a bill that we opposed:

HJR0010 – Parkinson – A Resolution to declare racism as a public health issue (sent to Summer Study). The passing of this resolution would have labeled Tennessee as a self-identified systemically racist state; we are not! “Systemic racism” has been conscripted and construed into a bludgeon to divide Americans. We must resist the comfortable path of acceptance, which implies assent.

Love usually votes with his fellow party members against strong constitutional bills and supporting those that are neutral or more profligate with tax-payer money and expansive of government. Rep. Love is congenial, easy to be around, and famously dapper! He sometimes does not seem to understand the principles of freedom embodied in our constitution, though. His constitutional score is a four out of ten.

Of the fifteen bills he sponsored, three of them passed into law:

HB0992 enacts “Terrence’s Law,” which requires the bureau to conduct an annual review of all medications and forms of treatment for sickle cell disease, and services for enrollees with a diagnosis of sickle cell disease

HB0996 authorizes the department to utilize an enrollment-based child care subsidy payments program that complies with all applicable federal funding requirements and legal authority and that seeks to provide adequate, stable payments to providers of child care services by establishing effective payment practices based upon accurate time and attendance systems.

HB0999 requires each state agency to submit, on or before February 1 of each year, a report to members of the finance, ways and means committees summarizing amounts of federal block grants and purposes for which funds were expended, including any unexpended or returned portions.

We enjoy Rep. Love’s company and hope to find more common ground in the 2022 session.


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Pre-K - 2: Revises Teacher evaluation, eliminates the portfolio growth model for pre-K and K

Vote Result: Committee Only

Gives LEAs the option of administering TCAP assessments on paper.

Vote Result: Failed

Sports participation to be determined by biological sex/gender.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Creates new banks of items (questions) for assessments in order to allow current tests items to be revealed after administration.

Vote Result: Passed

Dealing with foreign influence in higher education

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Allows direct agreements between patients and healthcare providers

Vote Result: Passed

Military experience qualifies to obtain occupation license and adds appeal process.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Strengthens law concerning the promulgating of new rules by government agencies.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Audit results permitted to be released pre-conclusion.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Discipline help for teachers.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Limits authority of wildlife resource officers to search/seize on private property, land, buildings, or vehicles.

Vote Result: Passed