House District 48


Bryan Terry

Family and Personal:
Rep. Terry is married with two children and is a physician.

He is a member of the Tennessee Society of Anesthesiologists, Tennessee Medical Association, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, American Society of Anesthesiologists, American Medical Association, Stones River Medical Academy, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology, and the NRA.

Councils and Boards:
He is chair of the House Health Subcommittee.



Rep. Bryan Terry: (R)Chair, Health Committee, Member, Calendar and Rules Committee, Health Subcommittee, Insurance Committee, and the Insurance Subcommittee. Chairman Terry supported twenty-eight of the TLRC positions on chosen bills with only two dissents, earning him a 93% vote score. He sponsored one and co-sponsored sixteen of our favored bills.


SB0451/HB0881 – Bell/Terry – Increases penalties for rioters from out of state (“aggravated” rioter) (passed).


SJR2 – Kelsey – Puts Right-to-Work into our Tennessee constitution, making it much more difficult to rescind (passed).

SR0023 – Rudd – Resolution creating a bi-cameral panel to research the recall of Judge Ellen Hobbs Lyle (failed in House Civil Justice subcommittee).

A media story on the subject

SB0230/HB0016 – Hensley/Cepicky – Teacher’s discipline freedom, creating a path for the removal of unruly student (passed).

SB0228/HB0003 – Hensley/Cepicky – Protects female athletes by prohibiting biological males from participating in women’s sports (passed).

SB318/HB18 – Hensley/Griffey – Real Constitutional Carry. This bill would be totally compliant with the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution (placed behind the budget in the house and deferred in the senate).

SB0474/HB0855 – Powers/Powers – All businesses are essential in emergencies, no discrimination allowed (passed).

SB0623/HB0580 – Bell/Ragan – The teaching of Critical Race Theory is prohibited in TN public schools (passed).

SB0630/HB0755 – Lundberg/White – Rules and authority authorizations on textbooks, etc. (passed).

SB0769/HB0782 – Johnson/Lamberth – Common Core material is prohibited in public school curriculum (passed).

SB0828/HB1181 – – Rudd / Bowling – Fetal remains must be disposed of by burial or cremation, making it prohibitive to harvest or sell fetal body parts (passed).

SB0843/HB0513 – Rose/Gant – Increased penalties for various lawless activities when protesting/rioting (deferred to Summer Study).

SB0858/HB0575 – Ragan/Bowling – Limits county health officer’s quarantine powers/prohibits government requiring COVID vaccines (passed).

SB1034/HB1513 – Cochran/Bell – Creates a database for approved supplemental material for teachers. This makes clear the distinction between acceptable instructional material and that which is prohibited, making it easier for teachers to comply with the new laws prohibiting certain material (passed).

SB1573/HB37 – Bailey/Ogles – State or local government prohibited from designating essential or non-essential businesses (passed).

SB1593/HB1120 – Hall/Bailey – Requires review of Presidential Executive orders. If found unconstitutional, Tennessee declares exemption on that basis (passed in the house and never taken up in the senate).

Courageously, Chairman Terry was a minority vote of only ten members against SB0783/HB1204 – Massey/Zachary – Authorizes a special sales and use tax allocation to finance Randy Boyd’s Baseball stadium in Knoxville at the expense of Tennessee taxpayers—Boyd is a mega-millionaire (passed).

Media stories on the subject:
Boyd Sports to Profit from Events Held at Taxpayer-Funded Stadium – Tennessee Star

Member of Senate Committee Considering Legislation for Randy Boyd’s Taxpayer-Funded Baseball Stadium is Employee of Law Firm That Could Benefit From Bill’s Passage – Tennessee Star

Five Sponsors of Bill Enabling Randy Boyd’s Taxpayer-Funded Baseball Stadium Received More Than $90,000 in Campaign Funds from Individuals with Ties to the Project – Tennessee Star

Terry first voted for, but to his credit, changed his vote to a nay on SB0425/HB1379 – Kumar/Massey – Would require insurers to cover infertility treatments, which would result in higher premiums for all. Dictating to private business is antithetical to the U.S. and Tennessee constitutions but some of our legislators only remember that when it serves them (sent to Summer Study).

Chairman Terry earned a commendable nine out of ten on constitutional fidelity. His only errant votes were supporting the following bills which TLRC opposed:

SB0736/HB0141 – Johnson/Lamberth (a Governor’s bill with which we take issue) – Special tax exemption for the film and video industry which was supported by a large majority of the General Assembly (passed). TLRC does not support special carve-outs for cherry-picked industries. The government should not be picking winners and losers. Terry voted for the bill twice.

HJR0010 – Parkinson – A Resolution to declare racism as a public health issue (sent to Summer Study). The passing of this resolution would have labeled Tennessee as a self-identified systemically racist state; we are not! “Systemic racism” has been conscripted and construed into a bludgeon to divide Americans. We must resist the comfortable path of acceptance, which implies assent.

–And Terry’s one aye committee vote for SB0425 before he voted nay, as cited above

We would have appreciated his voting against HJR110 instead of passing. HR110 – Hardaway – Resolution to honor Pastor William J. Barber II (sent to Summer Study). Barber is a black theologist CRT advocate whose rhetoric is anti-American in the tradition of Jeremiah Wright.

Chairman Terry sponsored nineteen bills, five of which passed into law:

HB0490 creates the medical cannabis commission; exempts from the definition of marijuana oil containing the substance cannabidiol, with less than 0.9% of THC for use by a person with certain health issues, if certain other requirements met.

HB0582 adds required information to the report issued by the commissioner of health regarding the impact and effects of restrictions and limitations on the use of opioids to treat patients.

HB0874 requires the caseworker for a child who has been placed in foster care to document any objection to the child’s placement with a relative that is made by another relative or other interested party; requires the department of children’s services to include the number of such objections in its annual report on foster care.

HB0877 makes changes with regard to compounding pharmacies, including allowing out-of-state pharmacy practice sites to provide certain inspections, equivalent to what are currently required, if accepted by the Tennessee board of pharmacy and removing the requirement that pharmacies engaging in sterile compounding have to make certain quarterly reports to the board.

HB0881 expands the offense of aggravated rioting to include rioting by a person who travels from outside the state with intent to commit a criminal offense and participating in a riot in exchange for compensation; increases the mandatory minimum sentence for aggravated rioting to 60 days if the person commits more than one aggravating circumstance. expands the offense of aggravated rioting to include rioting by a person who travels from outside the state with intent to commit a criminal offense and participating in a riot in exchange for compensation; increases the mandatory minimum sentence for aggravated rioting to 60 days if the person commits more than one aggravating circumstance. This one was TLRC-scored and passed.

HB1055 prohibits state entities subject to review under the Tennessee Governmental Entity Review Law from promulgating rules or adopting policies to exempt members of such entities from rule making or policy requirements solely by virtue of their status as members.

HB1171 enacts the “Firearms Information Privacy Protection Act.”

HB1312 specifies that photographic evidence of a fatal motor vehicle accident depicting a deceased minor victim at the scene of the accident is confidential and not open for inspection by members of the public; provides that custodial parent or legal guardian of such deceased minor victim may waive confidentiality and allow the minor victim’s photograph to be used and obtained in the same manner as other public records.

We do not need more laws; we need better laws, and enforcement of the better laws. The grassroots are looking for courage in our legislators: courage to stand up for constitutional principles over pressure from leadership and paid lobbyists. Bryan Terry could be that kind of leader. We are at a crisis point and now is the time to stand for the people instead of special interests, the wealthy, and well-connected, and against those who assume power through corruption and coercion. If we do not, we could very well lose our republic and our liberties.


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