House District 46

Rep. Clark Boyd: In 2018: A 2018 appointee for Rep. Pody who won retired Senator Beavers' seat. He was appointed by the Wilson County governing board. Other counties were not represented in making the choice. TLRC did not scored Rep. Boyd, as it would be impossible to equitably compare his performance to those who served the entire 110th session. He sponsored no (0) bills keyed by TLRC. He co-sponsored six (6) bills favored by TLRC. He was not a member during the gas tax vote.

Clark Boyd

Rep. Boyd is married with two children. He sells insurance. He is former President of the Rotary Club of Lebanon, former President of Wilson County Habitat For Humanity, a Living Sent Ministries Board Member. He is a member of Lebanon/Wilson County Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Insurance, Financial Advisors, National Rifle Association, Leadership Wilson (2012). He was a Captain in the US Army Reserve and 11 years of service in the US Army and Army National Guard. He is a Deacon and Sunday School Teacher at Immanuel Baptist Church.


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