House District 41

105th Legislative Composite

John Mark Windle

Family and Personal:
Rep. Windle is an attorney and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Tennessee Army National Guard.

He is a member of Farm Bureau.

615) 741-1260


Rep. John Mark Windle: (D) Chair, Naming and Designating Committee, Member: Calendar and Rules Committee, Select Ethics Committee, Finance, Ways, and Means Committee, Finance, Ways, and Means Subcommittee, Public Service Subcommittee, Select Committee on Rules, and State Government Committee. He voted with TLRC on twenty-four bills, and against us on four, earning a commendable 92% vote score. Windle co-sponsored one of the bills that TLRC opposed, as did many of our GA members until they realized the conflicting principles with the U.S. and Tennessee constitutions:

SB0425/HB1379 – Kumar/Massey – Would require insurers to cover infertility treatments which would result in higher premiums for all. Dictating to private business is antithetical to the U.S. and Tennessee constitutions but some of our legislators only remember that when it serves them (sent to Summer Study).

SB0115/HB0116 – Garrett/Haile – Human/sex traffickers often transport groups of victims in trucks. Under this law commercial driver’s license (CDL) will be denied for life for those convicted of human/sex trafficking (passed).

Windle represents his constituents very well by often voting contrary to his fellow party members for strong constitutional, freedom-focused bills. He seems to better understand the principles of freedom embodied in our constitution. His constitutional score is a nine out of ten. Of the fifteen bills he sponsored, three of them passed into law:

HB0202 requires that retirees of the Tennessee highway patrol with 25 years of service receive 80 percent of the scheduled premium or defined contribution for the health insurance benefits provided by the state.

HB0431 authorizes off-highway vehicle operation on certain segments of Mill Creek Road, Dyna-Tex Road, and Old Burrville Road, all within Sunbright, in Morgan County.

HB1607 Livingston – Subject to local approval, authorizes the board of aldermen to delegate the authority to hire, suspend, and discharge town employees to the mayor by ordinance.

We look forward to back-to-normal conditions at the capitol and hope to find even more common ground in the 2022 session.


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Pre-K - 2: Revises Teacher evaluation, eliminates the portfolio growth model for pre-K and K

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Gives LEAs the option of administering TCAP assessments on paper.

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Sports participation to be determined by biological sex/gender.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Creates new banks of items (questions) for assessments in order to allow current tests items to be revealed after administration.

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Dealing with foreign influence in higher education

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Military experience qualifies to obtain occupation license and adds appeal process.

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Strengthens law concerning the promulgating of new rules by government agencies.

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Discipline help for teachers.

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Audit results permitted to be released pre-conclusion.

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Limits authority of wildlife resource officers to search/seize on private property, land, buildings, or vehicles.

Vote Result: Passed