House District 04


John Holsclaw Jr

Family and Personal:
Rep. Holsclaw is married with five children and is both a jeweler and store owner.

He is a member of the National Rifle Association, Carter County Republican Party, Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce, Erwin Chamber of Commerce, Carter County Hunting and Fishing Club

Councils and Boards:
He is chair of the House Business and Utilities Subcommittee. He is also Director of Engineers for 40 Million Company.



Rep. John Holsclaw: (R) Chair, Departments and Agencies Subcommittee, Member, Business and Utilities Subcommittee, Commerce Committee, Elections and Campaign Finance Subcommittee, Local Government Committee, and the State Government Committee. He officiates efficiently and courteously.

Rep. Holsclaw supported twenty-three of the TLRC positions on chosen bills with only three dissentions, earning him a 95% vote score.
He co-sponsored three of our favored bills:

SR0023 – Rudd – Resolution creating a bi-cameral panel to research the recall of Judge Ellen Hobbs Lyle (failed in House Civil Justice subcommittee).

A media story on the subject

SB0187/HB0013 – Bowling/Hulsey – Prohibits forced vaccines within state and local government entities. It does not prohibit private business from requiring vaccines for employment (passed with weakening amendments).

SB0623/HB0580 – Bell/Ragan – The teaching of Critical Race Theory is prohibited in TN public schools (passed).

Holsclaw earned a commendable nine out of ten on constitutional fidelity.

His errant votes were supporting the following bills which TLRC opposed:

HR110 – Hardaway – Resolution to honor Pastor William J. Barber II (sent to Summer Study). Barber is a black theologist CRT advocate whose rhetoric is anti-American in the tradition of Jeremiah Wright.

SB0736/HB0141 – Johnson/Lamberth (a Governor’s bill with which we take issue) – Special tax exemption for the film and video industry which was supported by a large majority of the General Assembly (passed). TLRC does not support special carve-outs for cherry-picked industries. The government should not be picking winners and losers.

SB0783/HB1204 – Massey/Zachary – Authorizes a special sales and use tax allocation to finance Randy Boyd’s Baseball stadium in Knoxville at the expense of Tennessee taxpayers—Boyd is a mega-millionaire (passed).

Media stories on the subject:
Boyd Sports to Profit from Events Held at Taxpayer-Funded Stadium – Tennessee Star

Member of Senate Committee Considering Legislation for Randy Boyd’s Taxpayer-Funded Baseball Stadium is Employee of Law Firm That Could Benefit From Bill’s Passage – Tennessee Star

Five Sponsors of Bill Enabling Randy Boyd’s Taxpayer-Funded Baseball Stadium Received More Than $90,000 in Campaign Funds from Individuals with Ties to the Project – Tennessee Star

Chairman Holsclaw sponsored thirteen bills, five of which passed into law:

HB0355 recognizes the Algonquian, the Chickamaugan, the Iroquoian, the Muskogean, the Siouan, and the Yuchean cultural groups as Tennessee’s first peoples.

HB0820 requires that funds collected from charitable organizations that solicit contributions be used by the secretary of state to defray the costs of the division of the department of state in administering laws governing charitable solicitations; requires that portion of certain filing fees collected by the secretary of state from business organizations be used to defray operating costs of the division of the department of state.

HB0845 authorizes the sale of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption at various locations.

HB0968 defines the terms “economic development” and “project” to include incentives that promote the development of single-family housing, for purposes of laws governing projects by industrial development corporations and contributions to industrial development corporations by municipalities.

HB1418 specifies three segments of state highways located in Unicoi County where operation of off-highway vehicles will be authorized.

We do not need more laws; we need better laws, and enforcement of the better laws. The grassroots are looking for courage in our legislators: courage to stand up for constitutional principles over pressure from leadership and paid lobbyists. We are at a crisis point and now is the time to stand for the people instead of special interests, the wealthy, and well-connected, and against those who assume power through corruption and coercion. If we do not, we could very well lose our republic and our liberties.


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The Government Operations committees of the General Assembly oversees state agency rule-making authority

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Affirms GA authority on fiscal appropriations

Vote Result: Failed

Requires two periods a day of physical activity.

Vote Result: Failed

General Assembly authorization required for the acceptance of resettled refugees.

Vote Result: Committee Only

Provides protection for whistleblowers

Vote Result: Committee Only

No probation or parole for child sex abuser.

Vote Result: Passed

Limits county health officer's quarantine powers. Prohibits government requiring COVID inoculation.

Vote Result: Passed

No CDL for life for those convicted of human/sex trafficking

Vote Result: Passed

Protects female athletes by disallowing biological males, irrespective of gender identification, from competing in girls and women's sports.

Vote Result: Passed

Teacher's discipline freedom; removal of unruly student(s)

Vote Result: Passed

Transparency bill: comptroller audits of entities not open to public scrutiny

Vote Result: Passed