House District 33

Rep. John Ragan: In 2018: Sponsored one (1) bill favored by TLRC. HB0222 would require driver's licenses issued to non-citizens with bold lettering identifying them as such, in order to deter voter fraud. It was amended by Rep. Charles Sargent to require "any person presenting a driver license from a state that issues driver licenses to illegal aliens for the purposes of obtaining a Tennessee driver license shall be required to establish proof of U. S. citizenship, lawful permanent resident status,…" TLRC supported the original bill. The amended version (passed) does nothing to help poll workers identify non-citizens. Co-sponsored eleven (11) bills favored by TLRC. Voted for the Gas Tax Rep. Ragan is a good, hard-working, conservative legislator.

John Ragan

Rep. Ragan is married with two childen and three grandchildren. He is a business consultant. He is a veteran of the US Air Force and served as fighter pilot. He is vice-chair of the House Government Operations Committee and the Joint Government Operations Education, Health, and General Welfare Subcommittee. He serves as chairman of the House Energy Task Force. He is vice chairman of the NCSL Nuclear Working Group and board member of the Southern States Energy Board. He is a member of the NCSL Agriculture and Energy Committee, Video Ministry at Grace Baptist Church, Daedalians Fraternal Order of Military Pilots, Little League Baseball, Youth Basketball, Anderson County Chamber of Commerce, and Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce. He acts as substitute teacher for local school system and is Commander of Legislative Squadron, TN Wing of Civil Air Patrol.


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