House District 31


Ron Travis

Family and Personal:
Rep. Travis is married with two children and three grandchildren and is an insurance agent.

He is a member of the Downtown Dayton Association, Pikeville, Dayton, Dunlap, and Roane County Chambers of Commerce, Civitan, and the Emmaus Community.

Councils and Boards:
He is Chair of the House Insurance and Banking Committee. He also serves on the Executive Board of the Southeast Tennessee Rural Planning Organization and board of directors of the National Association of Christian Athletes.



Representative Travis (R) has served in the Tennessee State House since 2012. Representative Travis has a vote score of 54%, placing him #71 in a body of 99. He has 4 leadership merits, giving him a grade of F.

Leadership grades are based on sponsorships, co-sponsorships, amendments, both meritorious (+) and deleterious (-), and other bold and courageous acts (+) or furtive, unprincipled acts (-). Travis’s low leadership grade indicates a reluctance to co-sponsor bills which he later supports with his votes. Those co-sponsorships would significantly raise his grade.

TLRC scores and grades reflect the entire process, not just end results. We count every vote on every selected bill. Bills are selected for their value to ordinary Tennesseans, or their insult to those values. We encourage all General Assembly members to support the former and oppose the latter. When they don’t, they lose points.

Representative Travis supported the following TLRC endorsed bills:

  • HB1137/SB1197 – No restrictions on church activities in declared emergency. (passed)
  • HB1749/SB2285 – Court decisions de novo, not based on a state agency’s interpretation. (passed)
  • HB1867/SB1823 – Vaccine exemptions protected. (passed)
  • HB1960/SB1884 – Prohibits government vaccine mandates. (passed)
  • HB2454/SB2292 – Redefines “obscene” in K-12 educational material, making it criminally unlawful. (passed)
  • HB2742/SB2728 – Requires public high schools to teach the virtues of capitalism and the constitution. (failed)

(Travis had seven unexplained “no votes”–selected bills on which he had no recorded vote.)

A TLRC-supported bill that Representative Travis opposed:

 TLRC-opposed bills that Representative Travis supported:

All forms of corporate welfare should be opposed. Our state government should not be giving economic advantages to any public or private for-profit entities. Let the free market pick the winners and losers.

Jobs would come to Tennessee without these incentives if we were to reform meaningfully our education system and educate our youth instead of indoctrinating them. A well-educated workforce would be unique in America and every business would want to be in our right-to-work, no income tax state of Tennessee. Members should rethink these handouts.

Representative Travis should always fight against bigger government and for constitutional principles. We need principled members to battle against government expansion, for our tenth amendment rights, and to make good policy decisions for ordinary Tennessean, not the monied elites. We are in crisis. We can and must do better.

By listing these bills, we hope that tells you what you need to know about your General Assembly members. We encourage you to reach out and let them know how you feel about the various issues and VOTE accordingly. To contact members, go to: https://www.capitol.tn.gov


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Lifetime Score


Average for All Members
Leadership Grade

Related Bills

Court decisions de novo

Vote Result: Passed

No government vaccine mandates

Vote Result: Passed

Election integrity

Vote Result: Passed

Protection for vaccine exemptions

Vote Result: Passed

No restrictions on church activities in emergencies

Vote Result: Passed

Provides money for the Titans to build a new stadium

Vote Result: Passed

Requires high schools to teach the virtues of capitalism

Vote Result: Passed

Redefines "obscene" to include educational material

Vote Result: Passed

Provide taxpayer money to Ford for the construction of an electric vehicle plant

Vote Result: Passed

Reduces number of votes necessary to keep a minor party on the ballot

Vote Result: Failed

Lengthy campaign finance revisions

Vote Result: Passed

Allows professional licenses for illegal aliens

Vote Result: Passed