House District 03

Rep. Scotty Campbell came to the GA in 2021 replacing Timothy Hill who ran for congress. He serves as a member, Finance, Ways, and Means Appropriations Subcommittee, Criminal Justice Committee, Finance, Ways, and Means Committee, and the Transportation Committee. Vote score, leadership grade, and legislation information is unavailable for new members. It will be available at the conclusion of the 2021, the first year of the 112th General Assembly Session. Look for that information around the end of May or early June, 2021.

Scotty Campbell

Rep.Campbell was born on 02/21/?? He is a Businessman, a Broadcaster, and a Christian. He attended Cumberland University, Northeast State Community College, and Vol State Community College. He was a house member of the 107th and 112th General Assemblies, serve on the Johnson County Rescue Squad and EMS. He's a member of the National Rifle Association, serves the Neva Fire Department, the First District Fire Department, and the Second District Fire Department. He is a member of the Johnson County Republican Party, Carter County Republican Party, the Sullivan County Republican Party, the Bristol TN Republicans, and the Republicans of Kingsport. He is also a member of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce and the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce.



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Protects fully our second amendment rights.

Vote Result: Passed