House District 28


Yusuf Hakeem

Family and Personal:
Rep. Hakeem is married with four children, four grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and is retired from General Electric. He is also founder of the Chattanooga Youth Council.

He is a member of the Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, Tennessee Human Rights Commission, Chattanooga Downtown Redevelopment Corporation, and the Chattanooga/Hamilton County Railroad Authority.

Councils and Boards:
He serves as chairman of the Bessie Smith Cultural Center and the Chattanooga-Hamilton County North Georgia Transportation Planning Organization. He is also a board member of Chattanooga NAACP.



Rep. Yusuf Hakeem (D) came to the GA in 2019. He is a Member, Calendar and Rules Committee, Education Administration Committee, Health Committee, and the Higher Education Subcommittee. He supported seven TLRC-favored bills, while voting against twenty-two of them, which accounts for his 29% vote score. On constitutional issues, Hakeem seems to misunderstand the principles that our founders put in place to secure liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. Hakeem is articulate and unafraid to speak his mind. His comments and votes are generally in line with his democrat colleagues, which seems to be a party characteristic.

Hakeem supported:
SB0115/HB0116 – Garrett/Haile – Human/sex traffickers often transport groups of victims in trucks. Under this law commercial driver’s license (CDL) will be denied for life for those convicted of human/sex trafficking (passed).

SB0240/HB1049 – C. Sexton/Gardenhire – Transparency bill: requires a comptroller audit of government entities whose books are not open to public (passed).

SB0474/HB0855 – Powers/Powers – All businesses are essential in emergencies, no discrimination allowed (passed).

SB0717/HB1047 – C. Sexton/McNally – No probation or parole for child sex abusers (passed).

SB1034/HB1513 – Cochran/Bell – Creates a database for approved supplemental material for teachers. This makes clear the distinction between acceptable instructional material and that which is prohibited, making it easier for teachers to comply with the new laws prohibiting certain material (passed).

SB1115/HB1302 – White/Bricken – Removes the Statute of Limitations for those convicted of sex trafficking children (passed).

SB1573/HB37 – Bailey/Ogles – State or local government prohibited from designating essential or non-essential businesses (passed).

TLRC is happy that there were some things on which we agreed.


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Related Bills

Pre-K - 2: Revises Teacher evaluation, eliminates the portfolio growth model for pre-K and K

Vote Result: Committee Only

Gives LEAs the option of administering TCAP assessments on paper.

Vote Result: Failed

Sports participation to be determined by biological sex/gender.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Creates new banks of items (questions) for assessments in order to allow current tests items to be revealed after administration.

Vote Result: Passed

Dealing with foreign influence in higher education

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Allows direct agreements between patients and healthcare providers

Vote Result: Passed

Military experience qualifies to obtain occupation license and adds appeal process.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Strengthens law concerning the promulgating of new rules by government agencies.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Audit results permitted to be released pre-conclusion.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Discipline help for teachers.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Limits authority of wildlife resource officers to search/seize on private property, land, buildings, or vehicles.

Vote Result: Passed