House District 25


Cameron Sexton

Family and Personal:
Rep. C. Sexton is married with three children and is a banker.

He is a member of the Crossville Noon Rotary Club, Friends of Cumberland Mountain State Park, Relay for Life, and the Fairfield Glade Lions Club.

Councils and Boards:
He is chair of the House Health Committee. He serves on the boards of the Good Samaritans Society and Cumberland County Bank.



Rep. Cameron Sexton: (R) is the Speaker of the House. He is a member of the Calendar & Rules Committee. He supported twenty-four of the TLRC positions on chosen bills with only one dissent on a scored bill earning him a 96% vote score. He did have two additional dissents listed below. He sponsored two of our favored bills chosen for scoring:

SB0240/HB1049 – C. Sexton/Gardenhire – Transparency bill: requires a comptroller audit of government entities whose books are not open to public (passed).

SB0717/HB1047 – C. Sexton/McNally – No probation or parole for child sex abusers (passed).

He co-sponsored two more bills that TLRC favored:

SJR2 – Kelsey – Puts Right-to-Work into our Tennessee constitution, making it much more difficult to rescind (passed).

SB0843/HB0513 – Rose/Gant – Increased penalties for various lawless activities when protesting/rioting.

Speaker Sexton earned a nine out of ten on constitutional fidelity. His only three errant votes were supporting the following bills which TLRC opposed:

SB0736/HB0141 – Johnson/Lamberth (a Governor’s bill with which we take issue) – Special tax exemption for the film and video industry which was supported by a large majority of the General Assembly (passed). TLRC does not support special carve-outs for cherry-picked industries. The government should not be picking winners and losers.

HR110 – Hardaway – Resolution to honor Pastor William J. Barber II (sent to Summer Study). Barber is a black theologist CRT advocate whose rhetoric is anti-American in the tradition of Jeremiah Wright.

SB0783/HB1204 – Massey/Zachary – Authorizes a special sales and use tax allocation to finance Randy Boyd’s Baseball stadium in Knoxville at the expense of Tennessee taxpayers—Boyd is a mega-millionaire (passed).

Media stories on the subject:
Boyd Sports to Profit from Events Held at Taxpayer-Funded Stadium – Tennessee Star

Member of Senate Committee Considering Legislation for Randy Boyd’s Taxpayer-Funded Baseball Stadium is Employee of Law Firm That Could Benefit From Bill’s Passage – Tennessee Star

Five Sponsors of Bill Enabling Randy Boyd’s Taxpayer-Funded Baseball Stadium Received More Than $90,000 in Campaign Funds from Individuals with Ties to the Project – Tennessee Star

More context on Speaker Sexton can be discovered in these media stories

Speaker Sexton sponsored thirteen bills, five of which passed into law:

HB1033 requires commissioner of health to report to the speakers and the health committees the impact of recent legislation reducing the abuse of opioids in this state.

HB1040 prohibits members of the general assembly from bidding on, selling, or offering for sale any service to a state entity or to have a financial interest in the bidding, selling, or offering for sale of any service to a state entity; makes the prohibition applicable during the tenure of the member’s office and for six months thereafter; creates certain exceptions; violation results in disqualification from holding certain offices; enacts other related provisions.

HB1047 enumerates certain sexual offenses for which there will be no release eligibility.

HB1049 requires that insurance pool, special fund, and reserve fund created by a governmental entity and any entity administering such funds be audited annually by the comptroller of the treasury.

HB1052 updates references to house of representative committee names.

HB1054 renames the Cumberland Trail State Park the “Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail State Park.”

HB1481 authorizes a winery direct shipper that produces or manufactures less than 270,000 liters of wine per calendar year to ship up to 54 liters of wine to an individual per calendar year.

HB1522 revises various provisions of the Tennessee Small Business Investment Company Credit Act regarding TN INVESCO.

HB1619 rewrites the charter of the Town of Pleasant Hill.

We do not need more laws; we need better laws, and enforcement of the laws we have on the books. The grassroots are looking for courage in our legislators: courage to stand up for constitutional principles over pressure from various members of leadership and paid lobbyists. We are at a crisis point and now is the time to stand for the people instead of special interests, the wealthy, and well-connected, and against those who assume power through corruption and coercion. If we do not, we could very well lose our republic and our liberties.


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Related Bills

Transparency bill: comptroller audits of entities not open to public scrutiny

Vote Result: Passed

Increased penalties for rioters from out of state ("Aggravated" rioter)

Vote Result: Passed

All businesses essential in emergencies, no discrimination.

Vote Result: Passed

Anti-Critical Race Theory

Vote Result: Passed

Rules and authorizations of textbooks and instructional materials, disallowing Common Core aligned material.

Vote Result: Passed

Tax exemptions for the film, video industry

Vote Result: Passed

Common Core material prohibited in our public schools

Vote Result: Passed

Would require Ed. debts and institutions to comply with state and federal laws and constitutions. (GA oversight)

Vote Result: Failed

Creates database for approved supplimental material for teachers.

Vote Result: Passed

Prohibits interference with Textbook & Instructional Materials Quality Commission, or their decisions.

Vote Result: Passed

Tennessee's District Attorney must disapprove emergency rule(s) that don't meet statutory requirements .

Vote Result: Passed

Removes the Statute of Limitations for sex trafficking children.

Vote Result: Passed