House District 18


Eddie Mannis

Family and Personal:
Rep. Mannis is an entrepreneur and business owner. He is also the founder of HonorAir Knoxville and Project Classroom, as well as a co-founder of Knoxville’s Art in Public Places.

Councils and Boards:
He is on the board of directors for Covenant Health, Free Medical Clinics of America, and Knoxville Chamber of commerce. He is also the chair of Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority and the Chief Operating Officer & Deputy Mayor of Knoxville.



Rep. Eddie Mannis is new in 2021, replacing Martin Daniel (R): He is a member; Business and Utilities Subcommittee, Commerce Committee, Education Instruction Committee, Elections and Campaign Finance Subcommittee, and the Local Government Committee. Rep. Mannis is not one of our champions, supporting just eighteen of the TLRC freedom-focused positions on chosen bills, earning him a 86% vote score. He co-sponsored two of our favored bills, both non-controversial:

SB0115/HB0116 – Garrett/Haile – Human/sex traffickers often transport groups of victims in trucks. Under this law commercial driver’s license (CDL) will be denied for life for those convicted of human/sex trafficking (passed).

SJR2 – Kelsey – Puts Right-to-Work into our Tennessee constitution, making it much more difficult to rescind (passed).

Mannis earned a seven out of ten on constitutional fidelity. His many errant votes were mentioned in this censure document from The West Knox Republican Club:


WHEREAS Eddie Mannis ran as a Republican in the District 18 State House race in 2020; and

WHEREAS State House District 18 is located in West Knox County; and

WHEREAS Eddie Mannis has failed to meet the criteria for a bona-fide Republican set out in the Bylaws of the Tennessee Republican Party by his failure to vote in three of the last four statewide Republican primaries; and

WHEREAS Eddie Mannis has consistently failed to support Republican legislation and Conservative principles in the 112th General Assembly; and

WHEREAS Eddie Mannis voted against legislation to allow Tennesseans to carry guns without permits, also known as Constitutional Carry (HB0786); Eddie Mannis opposed the legislation that would allow for both open and concealed carrying of handguns for people 21 and older without a permit, as well as for military members age 18 to 20; and

WHEREAS Eddie Mannis received an “F” rating from the NRA (National Rifle Association); and

WHEREAS Eddie Mannis did not vote on the Unborn Child Dignity Act (HB1181), a pro-life effort regarding the handling of fetal remains, requiring the abortion facility to provide burial or cremation of the remains of aborted fetuses; and

WHEREAS Eddie Mannis has refused to publicly make a Pro-Life Position; and

WHEREAS Eddie Mannis is supportive of Critical Race Theory (CRT), voting against legislation (HB0580) that Republicans sought to ban the divisive, destructive, and demeaning K-12 Marxist teaching that this state or the United States is fundamentally or irredeemably racist or sexist, with white students -due to the color of their skin- are unconsciously biased toward minorities; and

WHEREAS Eddie Mannis voted against, then later failed to cast a vote on legislation called the Transgender Bathroom Bill (HB1233) allowing students, teachers, and employees of public schools the ability to request reasonable accommodations for separate bathroom, changing facility, and sleeping quarters from opposite sex individuals; and

WHEREAS Eddie Mannis failed to support Education/Curriculum legislation (HB0529) requiring Parental Notification and Consent prior to commencing public school instruction of a sexual orientation or gender identity curriculum; and

WHEREAS Eddie Mannis was the lone Republican to actively seek withdrawal of legislation (HB3) requiring transgender athletes in middle and high schools to compete under their sex at birth, instead of the gender they align with; Eddie Mannis opposed the bill that safeguards female athletics from competition with transgender biological males; Gov. Bill Lee has said transgender athlete participation would “destroy women’s sports;” and

WHEREAS Eddie Mannis publicly stated in media “Absolutely not” when asked if he voted for Donald J. Trump; and said that he has voted multiple times for Democrats; the Knox County Election Commission records show Eddie Mannis voted in the Democrat Presidential Primary of March 2020, failing to support Republican candidates on the Knox County and Presidential ballot; and

WHEREAS Eddie Mannis over a 16 month period according to Tennessee campaign finance disclosures contributed five times to state Democrat candidates and organizations, including Democrat candidate for governor Karl Dean instead of Republican nominee Bill Lee; and the Democrat Women of Knox County which funds candidates like state Representative Gloria Johnson; and the Democrat Party of Knox County which actively campaigns against Republican office holders and candidates; AND

BE IT RESOLVED that the West Knox Republican Club, upon motion of Andy Andrew, second by Mike Crain, hereby censure Eddie Mannis for his consistent opposition to conservative efforts in the 112th General Assembly and for his promotion of Leftist ideology.

By my signature, I confirm that this resolution was passed on June 14, 2021 upon a show of hands vote of members present.

Gary Loe
President of the West Knox Republican Club

Mannis sponsored ten bills, four of which passed into law:

HB0661 deletes requirement that the comptroller of the treasury must conduct an annual audit of the Tennessee bureau of investigation regarding the bureau’s receipt and use of the $15 portion of the handgun carry permit application fee to be used exclusively for updating and maintaining the fingerprint criminal history database.

HB0943 clarifies that non-compliance with state and federal anti-discrimination laws is not included in the definition of “illegal activities” as it relates to provisions prohibiting retaliatory termination of an employee.

HB0944 requires the circuit court clerks, criminal court clerks, clerks and masters of chancery courts, clerks of courts of general sessions, county clerks, clerks of juvenile and probate courts, and clerks of law and equity courts within Knox County to charge the standard schedule of fees.

HB1360 increases, from $4.00 to $5.00, the amount of the fee that may be imposed by each county clerk for the service of handling mail orders of registration plates and decals.

We do not need more laws; we need better laws, and enforcement of the laws we have. The grassroots are looking for courage in our legislators: courage to stand up for constitutional principles over pressure from leadership and paid lobbyists. We are at a crisis point and now is the time to stand for the people instead of special interests, the wealthy, and well-connected, and against those who assume power through corruption and coercion. If we do not, we could very well lose our republic and our liberties.


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Related Bills

The Government Operations committees of the General Assembly oversees state agency rule-making authority

Vote Result: Pass House Only

No probation or parole for child sex abuser.

Vote Result: Passed

Limits county health officer's quarantine powers. Prohibits government requiring COVID inoculation.

Vote Result: Passed

No CDL for life for those convicted of human/sex trafficking

Vote Result: Passed

Protects female athletes by disallowing biological males, irrespective of gender identification, from competing in girls and women's sports.

Vote Result: Passed

Teacher's discipline freedom; removal of unruly student(s)

Vote Result: Passed

Transparency bill: comptroller audits of entities not open to public scrutiny

Vote Result: Passed

Increased penalties for rioters from out of state ("Aggravated" rioter)

Vote Result: Passed

All businesses essential in emergencies, no discrimination.

Vote Result: Passed

Anti-Critical Race Theory

Vote Result: Passed

Rules and authorizations of textbooks and instructional materials, disallowing Common Core aligned material.

Vote Result: Passed