House District 16


Michelle Carringer

Family and Personal:
Rep. Carringer is married with two children and three grandchildren and works in advertising. She is also a member of Sevier Heights Baptist Church.

She is a member of the Akima Club of Knoxville, the NRA, North Knoxville Business and Professionals, Powell Business and Professionals, Delta, Delta Mom’s Club, and Powell Republican Club.

Councils and Boards:
She is a board member of the Metro Drug Coalition, East Tennessee Epilepsy Foundation, and Three Ridges Golf Course. She is secretary for Fountain City Lions Club, the Vice President of Fountain City Company, and is the House Republican Caucus Secretary.



Rep. Michelle Carringer: (R) is new in 2021. She serves as a member, Departments and Agencies Subcommittee, Education Administration Committee, K-12 Subcommittee, and the State Government Committee.

Rep. Carringer is new this year and promises to be a true constitutional conservative. She earned the distinction of sponsoring one of TLRC’s scored bills, HB0966, which prohibits election commissions from accepting monetary donations from private entities, thus eliminating the possibility of influencing elections through hiring or procedural decisions. The bill passed into law.

Rep. Carringer’s commendable vote score of 97% was marred only by her support of HB141, the bill giving special tax-exemptions to the film and video industry.

Her C+ leadership grade has much to do with her inexperience, which we expect to improve in good time. Cogency and fluidity are her weaknesses, and we expect that to improve along with her confidence through experience.


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Sports participation to be determined by biological sex/gender.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

No probation or parole for child sex abuser.

Vote Result: Passed

Limits county health officer's quarantine powers. Prohibits government requiring COVID inoculation.

Vote Result: Passed

No CDL for life for those convicted of human/sex trafficking

Vote Result: Passed

Protects female athletes by disallowing biological males, irrespective of gender identification, from competing in girls and women's sports.

Vote Result: Passed

Teacher's discipline freedom; removal of unruly student(s)

Vote Result: Passed

Transparency bill: comptroller audits of entities not open to public scrutiny

Vote Result: Passed

Creates Solicitor General office to defend on 10th amendment issues in federal court.

Vote Result: Committee Only

Increased penalties for rioters from out of state ("Aggravated" rioter)

Vote Result: Passed

All businesses essential in emergencies, no discrimination.

Vote Result: Passed

Anti-Critical Race Theory

Vote Result: Passed