House District 13


Gloria Johnson

Family and Personal:
Rep. Johnson is a retired teacher.

She is a member of the Tennessee Women’s Political Caucus, Tennessee State Employees Association, and the Tennessee Retired Teachers Association.

Councils and Boards:
She is on the board of Emerge TN and serves in both the House Government Operations and Naming and Designating Committees.



Representative Gloria Johnson (D) represented District 13, now District 90. She voted to support traditional values on three bills and against traditional values on nineteen, which accounts for her 14% vote score.

Here are some of the bills Representative Johnson opposed:

  • HB1137/SB1197  No restrictions on church activities in declared emergency

  • HB1749/SB2285  Court decisions de novo, not based on a state agency’s interpretation

  • HB1867/SB1823  Vaccine exemptions protected

  • HB1871/SB1982  Recognition that natural immunity is equal or superior to vaccine
  • HB1960/SB1884  No government vaccine mandates

  • HB2316/SB2153  No males in girls’ sports
  • HB2454/SB2292  Redefines “obscene” to include educational material in K-12 making it unlawful

  • HB2666/SB2247  Requires Textbook Commission to provide a list of approved material to GA members

  • HB2742/SB2728  Requires public high schools to teach virtues of capitalism and constitution

  • HB2746/SB2188  Makes Ivermectin available over the counter

Here are some of the bills Representative Johnson supported:

  • HB0204/SB0136 The Crown Act- protecting ethnic hairstyles in the work place
  • HB1201/SB1005  Changes in campaign finance making it harder to defeat incumbents

  • HB2309/SB2464  Allows professional licenses for illegal immigrants in Tennessee

  • HB2609/SB2890  Cincinnati Reds 80% tax-break for Chattanooga farm team

  • HB8002/SB8002  Provides $678,218,300 of taxpayer money for Ford to build an electric vehicle plant in West TN

Rep. Johnson did a terrible disservice to all of the people of Tennessee when she came out publicly dissing Governor Lee and President Larry Arnn for their comments and plans for 50 classical charter schools in Tennessee using Hillsdale’s highly successful classical curriculum. That decision may have robbed hundreds of thousands of Tennessee k-12 students of a truly good education as opposed to the poisonous indoctrination resulting in 28% proficiency scores they are getting now.

Representative Johnson does not seem to understand the limitations of government or the principles of freedom embodied in our Tennessee and United States constitutions. It is frightening to know that she was once a public school teacher.

Tennessee can do better.


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OTC Ivermectin

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Court decisions de novo

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Auditable paper trail voting machines

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No males in girls' sports

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Recognition of natural immunity

Vote Result: Passed

No government vaccine mandates

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Election integrity

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Protection for vaccine exemptions

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No restrictions on church activities in emergencies

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Requires high schools to teach the virtues of capitalism

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Provide taxpayer money to Ford for the construction of an electric vehicle plant

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Requires Textbook Commission to provide a list of approved material to GA members

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