House District 10


Rick Eldridge

Family and Personal:
Rep. Eldridge is married with two children and is a business owner.

He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Shriners, the EMS Board, and the Hamblen County Board of Equalization.

Councils and Boards:
He serves as board member of Lakeway Center and chair of the Jail Study Committee.



Rick Eldridge ® – 2021 is the third year in the house for this quiet but consistent East Tennessee Republican. Vice-chairman of the State Government Committee, Eldridge is congenial and efficient. We do not see or hear a lot from him, so we often find it more difficult to judge him on the essentials of leadership: courtesy, courage, perseverance, preparedness, intuitivism, eloquence, and constitutionality.

Vice-chairman Eldridge’s vote score of 96% recommends him as a worthy representative of his constituents. He co-sponsored eight TLRC supported and scored bills: this is an area where he has an opportunity to earn more points by sponsoring and co-sponsoring forward-leaning bills that insulate Tennessee from unconstitutional socialist programs and policies coming out of Washington D.C.


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Lifetime Score


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Leadership Grade

Related Bills

Pre-K - 2: Revises Teacher evaluation, eliminates the portfolio growth model for pre-K and K

Vote Result: Committee Only

Gives LEAs the option of administering TCAP assessments on paper.

Vote Result: Failed

Sports participation to be determined by biological sex/gender.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Creates new banks of items (questions) for assessments in order to allow current tests items to be revealed after administration.

Vote Result: Passed

Dealing with foreign influence in higher education

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Allows direct agreements between patients and healthcare providers

Vote Result: Passed

Military experience qualifies to obtain occupation license and adds appeal process.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Strengthens law concerning the promulgating of new rules by government agencies.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Audit results permitted to be released pre-conclusion.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Discipline help for teachers.

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Limits authority of wildlife resource officers to search/seize on private property, land, buildings, or vehicles.

Vote Result: Passed