HB2559/SB2555 Civics requirement for university students Butt/Hensley

Bill Description

Requires, beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year, a student enrolled in a state higher education institution (institution) to pass a United States civics test in order to receive an associate or baccalaureate degree.

TLRC Position

TLRC sees a decline in the understanding of the principles of our constitutional republic and the way the government is intended to work. 51% of college graduates cannot name the three branches of government.
More is needed but this legislation would illustrate that need. It is a first step.

TLRC Observed Process

TLRC brought this bill to the sponsors but there was no will by other members to see it heard. To further discourage it's passage, it was given an unrealistic fiscal note. .
The bill had to be taken off notice before being heard in the first sub-committee; Education Administration and Planning: Roger Kane, Chairman, Sheila Butt (sponsor), David Byrd, Bill Dunn, John Forgety, Joe Pitts, and Mike Stewart.
Reps. Kane and Butt will not be returning so there will be a new make up of this committee next year. We intend to bring the bill back.
Understand that the thumbs up is for the intent of the bill, not the outcome.

Vote Result: Passed

Score: 5

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