HB2315/SB2332 Enforcement provision to sanctuary city law Reedy/Green

Bill Description

Under this bill, a state or local government entity that adopts a sanctuary policy will be ineligible to receive any state moneys until the policy is repealed, rescinded, or otherwise no longer in effect.
It retains the present law authorization for residents to file a complaint in chancery court. That complaint will now be based on adoption or enactment of a sanctuary policy. If a resident prevails, the chancellor will be required, rather than authorized, to order some type of action to ensure compliance with the prohibition against sanctuary policies.

This bill requires the attorney general and reporter (AG) to investigate complaints from residents and requests for opinions from members of the general assembly.

TLRC Position

We support this bill

TLRC Observed Process

The sponsors ran into a lot of resistance to this bill resulting in many proposed amendments. Among those adopted were:
Rep. Ramsey's which added the requirement to pursue federal reimbursements for expenses related to the determination and enforcement of the law.
Rep. Sargent's which substituted "enter into any grant contract with the department of economic and community development" for "receive any economic and community development state moneys" and "or other requests".

We continue to support this bill in its amended form. We do not understand the resistance shown during the process.

Vote Result: Passed

Score: +5

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