HB2312/SB2333 Clarification of acceptable ID cards for TN. Lamberth/Green

Bill Description

This bill revises the documents that cannot be accepted to be a consular card and an identification document issued or created by any person, organization, county, city, or other local authority, except where expressly authorized to be used for identification purposes by the general assembly, but provides that those will be accepted if required by federal law.
This bill's provisions regarding documents to determine a person's identity or residence do not apply to local education agencies for purposes of student enrollment.

TLRC Position

We support this bill

TLRC Observed Process

This bill struggled the entire journey but, with the stewardship of sponsor Rep. Lamberth, it made it's way to the final committees. The House and Senate could not agree on amendments that did not weaken the bill, but rather placed emphasis on municipally issued ID cards instead of consular ID cards.
The impasse concluded in a conference committee upon which the final language was agreed. Consular cards are not mentioned, the "do not apply to local education agencies..." was omitted, but the remainder of the intent of the bill remains.
We continue to support the bill as amended.

Vote Result: Passed

Score: +5

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