’20-HB1946/SB1915 – Daniel/Bowling

Bill Description

Specifies that this bill applies to licenses regulation under TCA Title 62 (professions, businesses, and trades) and Title 63 (professions of the healing arts). This amendment further specifies that the training must have been received while the person was serving in the armed forces and that the training must be consistent with requirements for licensure as determined by the applicable licensing authority. This amendment clarifies that the documentation that this bill requires the member or veteran to submit will be considered evidence of "training" instead of "service."
This amendment adds that person aggrieved by a decision of a licensing authority concerning eligibility for equivalent credit under this bill may appeal to the commissioner of commerce and insurance, or the commissioner's designee, for a determination of whether the training meets the requirements for licensure. This amendment changes the from the commissioner of veterans services to the commissioner of commerce and insurance and the commissioner of health, as applicable, the person responsible for promulgating rules to effectuate this bill; those two commissioners will work in collaboration with the commissioner of veterans services.

TLRC Position

We agree with this bill and encourage less bureaucratic interference in the marketplace.

TLRC Observed Process

Passed H., as am., Ayes 94, Nays 0, PNV 0 Unanimous!
Action deferred in Senate State and Local Government Committee

Vote Result: Pass House Only

Score: +5