20-HB1929/HB2730 – Gant/Bell

Bill Description

This bill prohibits the governor from making any decision or obligating the state in any way with regard to refugee resettlement, unless authorized by joint resolution of the general assembly. This bill limits the duration of authorization for the governor to make a decision with regard to refugee resettlement to one year from the date the resolution is adopted. This bill specifies that it is intended to have retroactive application.

TLRC Position

We vigorously approve of this bill. The acceptance of refugees inevitably results in the expenditure of taxpayer funds. Only the House of Representatives of the General Assembly and local elected officials are authorized to make those commitments. It is not for the executive to decide for we the people.

TLRC Observed Process

Passed 2 committees in House/ Deferred in Senate State & Local:
Rec for pass if am by s/c ref. to State Committee 5/28/2020
Voice Vote – Ayes Prevail Rep(s). Beck, Staples requested to be recorded as voting No
Rec. for pass. if am., ref. to Calendar & Rules Committee 6/4/2020
Voice Vote – Ayes Prevail Rep(s). Beck, Love, Powell, Staples requested to be recorded as voting No

Vote Result: Committee Only

Score: +5

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