20-HB1706/SB2075 – Griffey/Pody

Bill Description

This bill adds "the transmitting of money from a location originating in this state to a location outside of the United States or its territories by an entity licensed under the Tennessee Money Transmitter Act of 1994," as a service transaction subject to the sales and use tax. This bill provides that the revenue generated from the tax on this service:
(1) Must be deposited in a special account in the state general fund to be known as the international money transmission tax fund. Revenues must be retained in the account until such time as the revenues are unencumbered. Revenues are unencumbered on July 1 of each year after the expiration of the refund application period described in (3) below;
(2) May be invested by the state treasurer for the sole benefit of the international money transmission tax fund while encumbered;
(3) Is subject to refund upon application made by the individual who paid the tax. The application must be submitted to the department between June 1 and June 30 and include the applicant's social security number or taxpayer identification number in addition to proof of the taxes paid and any additional information the department may require; and
(4) Must be allocated and distributed on July 1 of each year as follows:
(A) 25 percent to the state general fund;
(B) 25 percent to all counties and metropolitan governments in this state in proportion as the population of each county or metropolitan government bears to the aggregate population of the state, according to the latest federal census, to be used for capital improvement projects and infrastructure expenditures;
(C) 25 percent to the K-12 education teacher compensation fund (described below); and
(D) 25 percent to the Tennessee peace officer standards and training commission to provide an additional pay supplement to law enforcement officers who complete in-service training requirements and receive the corresponding pay supplement provided by that statute.
This bill creates the K-12 education teacher compensation fund in the state treasury to be:
(1) Used to provide a pool of funds for employee salary increases or bonuses for teachers;
(2) Allocated each August 1 to local education agencies throughout the state in accordance with rules promulgated by the department of education; and
(3) Allocated by each local education agency for salary increases or bonuses for teachers according to the agency's salary and compensation schedules or bonus program.

TLRC Position

We support but are not scoring this bill. We are crediting the sponsors with merit points.

TLRC Observed Process

Failed in s/c Banking & Investments Subcommittee of Commerce Committee 03/10/2020
Deferred in Senate Commerce & Labor Committee 03/17/2020

The defeat of this bill may have more to do with the sponsors than the idea. While fairly new in their positions they came out boldly with strong conservative bills that we largely supported. This may have been deemed inappropriate for underclassmen by the established majority. We hope that the membership will judge every bill and every member on merit, rather than pecking order.

Vote Result: Failed

Score: +5