20-HB1691/SB1738 – Cepicky/Hensley

Bill Description

changes, from August 15 to June 1, the date on which a child must be five years of age to enroll in kindergarten; changes, from September 30 to July 31, the date on which a child determined by the director of schools to be sufficiently mature must be five years of age to enroll in kindergarten. -

TLRC Position

Kindergarten teachers interviewed unanimously expressed the opinion that most children had not matured enough to undertake the group structure of Kindergarten. That fact required those teachers to spend the majority of their time coddling and pacifying distressed and crying children. Based on that information we approve this bill.

TLRC Observed Process

Passed House K-12 Subcommittee on a partisan basis.
Rec. for pass. ref to Education 2/11/2020
Voice Vote – Ayes Prevail Rep(s). Dixie, Windle requested to be recorded as voting No
Later deferred in both House and Senate Education committees.

Vote Result: Committee Only

Score: +5