20-HB1688/SB1739 – Cepicky/Hensley

Bill Description

a) Each LEA shall integrate at least two (2) twenty-five minute periods of
physical activity into each school day.
(b) Physical activity may include walking, jumping rope, playing volleyball, or
other forms of physical activity that promote fitness and well-being. An LEA shall not consider walking to and from class as physical activity for purposes of this section.
(c) This section does not prevent an LEA from integrating more physical activity into each school day than the amount of physical activity required in subsection (a).

TLRC Position

Obesity is a problem with our youth, as well as stress. This is a way to address both problems. We approve.
We believe teachers should be able to decide when kids need a break to release their energy.

TLRC Observed Process

Rec for pass if am by s/c ref. to Education Committee 3/4/2020
Voice Vote – Ayes Prevail Rep(s). White requested to be recorded as voting No

This was followed by deferment in the House and Senate Education committees.

Vote Result: Failed

Score: +5