HB1366/SB0816 Immunity for whistle-blowers & reports to law enforcement Matheny/Green

Bill Description

This bill confers civil and criminal immunity to a person who in good faith makes a report to law enforcement or another appropriate authority of the behavior or activity of another person, if the report is made with the articulable belief that the behavior or activity constitutes or is in furtherance of an act of terrorism. It does not apply to the intentional making of a report known to be false or to a report made with reckless disregard for the truth of the report.

TLRC Position

TLRC supports this bill. It protects those who see something and and encourages them to say something without fear of being held liable for some unanticipated complications.

TLRC Observed Process

This was a 2017 bill. TLRC did not observe the process.

Vote Result: Passed

Score: 5

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