HB1276/SB1035 – Would reform and hold accountable the Tennessee School Board Association – Holt/Gardenhire

Bill Description

This bill was a caption bill so the summary on the GA website is not representative of what the bill intended.
This bill would reform the Tennessee School Board Association which is a partially tax-payer funded group supposedly administering to TN school boards. They are unaccountable to any higher authority in any way. They have a budget of ___ and pay their Chairman over $300,000 per year.

TLRC Position

Favor: This entity is completely unaccountable and overpaid. Their motives and practices are suspect and in spite of this lack of oversight and transparency, they are advising the very members we elect to represent us. How is it that an agency so influential over our elected officials has no obligation for transparency or accountability to us, the the citizens and tax-payers. And why does this situation not resonate with our representatives in the General Assembly?

TLRC Observed Process

Failed: Education Administration Subcommittee of Education 4/2/2019
Voice Vote - Nays Prevail
The bill was misunderstood in that subcommittee, so an attempt was made to recall the bill in full committee but failed again.
We encourage the sponsors to bring it back again next year.

Vote Result: Failed

Score: +5

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