HB1050/SB0464 – Would expand Medicaid pursuant to the Affordable Care Act. G. – Johnson/Yarbro

Bill Description

TennCare - As introduced, authorizes the governor to expand medicaid pursuant to the Affordable Care Act; authorizes the governor to negotiate with the centers for medicare and medicaid services to determine the terms of the expansion. - Amends TCA Title 71, Chapter 5.

TLRC Position

Oppose: A step toward single-payer healthcare which results in long waits, denied procedures, and limited (if any) choices. Our collective experiences have proved unsatisfactory with any of the government administered healthcare programs: VA, Medicare, or the premiums for the middle class under Obamacare. We do not need to expand disaster.

TLRC Observed Process

Failed in s/c TennCare Subcommittee of Insurance Committee 4/10/2019
Voice Vote - Nays Prevail Rep(s). Miller, Thompson requested to be recorded as voting Yes

Vote Result: Failed

Score: -5

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