HB0888/SB0771 Biology to determine students use of bath/locker rooms. Williams/Beavers

Bill Description

Requires students in public schools and public institutions of higher education to use restrooms and locker rooms that are assigned to persons of the same sex as that shown on the students' birth certificates.

TLRC Position

TLRC supports this bill. It seems the comfort and safety of the many has been overlooked by some in favor of the comfort of a very few.

TLRC Observed Process

Told that it could not be postponed, sponsor, Senator Beavers was called out of a sick bed to present this bill. Before she reached the podium to speak on it's behalf, the gavel came down; "no motion"; the bill was killed.
The news of the wretched experience of NC on this issue, chilled many in the senate. It would be inviting lawsuits and national attention to do the right thing.

Vote Result: Failed

Score: 5

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