HB0850/SB0598 – Allows alcohol sales and consumption in campus sports facilities. C. Sexton/Massey

Bill Description

Alcoholic Beverages - As enacted, designates any facility on the campus of a public institution of higher education that is designed and used for school-sanctioned sporting events as a sports authority facility for purposes of consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises. - Amends TCA Title 57.

TLRC Position

Oppose: College campuses are populated by design and necessity with a majority of underage young people. We prohibit them by law from buying or drinking alcohol. Why would we want to bring it into their ivory tower to further incentivize law-breaking? Further; we were told that the SEC disallowed alcohol at their events so, not-to-worry; there would be no sloppy drunks at SEC games. But just as soon as this law was passed, the SEC changed their policy.

TLRC Observed Process

This bill proceeded through the entire process with some opposition; not always partisan on either side. There were some surprising votes that will be reflected in the vote scores of the various members.
In the end, it passed with a comfortable majority.

Vote Result: Passed

Score: -5

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