HB0564/SB0482 – Requires LEAs to administer payroll deductions equally for all professional unions – Dunn/Gardenhire

Bill Description

The Amended bill requires:
(1) That a written request for a payroll deduction be made by at least one employee of the local board of education, instead of by the professional employees' organization;
(2) A board that makes payroll deductions for such dues available to its professional employees to adopt policies to ensure equal treatment of all professional employees and all professional employees' organizations; and
(3) An employee to give annual authorization in order for the board to make a payroll deduction.
This amendment specifies that it does not apply to any payroll deduction for dues of a professional employees' organization authorized before July 1, 2019.

TLRC Position

Favor: The NEA/TEA enjoys payroll deduction but PET (Professional Educators of Tennessee) does not. NEA/TEA is big, rich, and powerful. PET is a small, TN-only, more citizen-friendly professional organization. This kind of discrimination should not be condoned and supported by our elected officials

TLRC Observed Process

The bill passed the house easily but was defeated on the senate floor.

Frankly, we cannot understand some of the votes to defeat this worthy legislation. Could it have been campaign donations from the big, rich, and powerful union?

Vote Result: Failed

Score: +5

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