Our Mission

To ensure legislative transparency and accountability for Tennessee residents.

About The Report Card

The Report Card is designed to cut through campaign rhetoric and promises, holding each legislator accountable to Tennesseans based on their actions alone. The Tennessee Legislative Report Card grades legislators on whether they are doing good or harm for our state.

What is Good?

Good is defined as providing a path to greater personal and economic freedom for Tennessee residents through fiscal responsibility and restrained stewardship of tax dollars. Doing good also means rejecting agenda politics and cronyism, all while protecting each Tennessean’s individual rights.

Who We Are

The Report Card is a project of Tennessee Rising, a non-partisan, non-profit organization. It is not associated with any other special interest group, candidate or political party. We are dedicated to a freedom friendly future that provides equal opportunity for every Tennessee resident, so they can choose a path which best fulfills their dreams on their own terms.

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